Quantify Public Value

Project Summary

In this project, we will conduct an ROI case study and create a replicable methodology capable of quantifying value (direct and indirect) to both the taxpayer and participating government organizations when government organizations share geospatial data, in particular, parcel data that adheres to standards that support interoperability. In spite of its achievements and broad support, no ROI has ever been conducted for MetroGIS.

The proposed Quantify Public Value (QPV) methodology extends the ROI methodology developed by GITA to account for multiple uses and reuse chains. The 300 local and regional organizations that serve the seven-county, Minneapolis-St. Paul metropolitan area – the MetroGIS community - comprise the project domain. The territorial focus of the project is Hennepin County, the largest county in Minnesota. Understanding the public value of data sharing is a key issue in discussions surrounding SDI development and continued support. QPV takes into account value chains and reuse benefits over a longer term perspective. To assure the methodology is robust, we will issue an RfP and collaborate with the best suited industry partner. The resulting method will be presented to experts in the SDI domain for refinement and discussion.

Additional Notes

Over winter 2010-11 the project scope and activities were heavily revised in consultation with local advisors. The project was re-calibrated to focus on two surveys and was concluded in January 2012. You can find reports from the surveys on the Project Updates page.

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Project Documents

  1. -Project Proposal

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Project Activities

  1. -The Quantify Public Value project has been completed (1/2012).

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